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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  December 7, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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abc broadcast centers, this is abc 76 on your side. >> the winter blast that has caused a mess is heading our way. a big concern for the thousands of drivers attending tomorrow's nfl games in landover and baltimore. we want to give you a timeline of what to expect in the coming hours and happy it can impact your commute in sunday. our coverage begins right now >> the winter storm watch across most of this
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has been upgraded to a winter weather advisory for the district and point to the east. we will talk about that in a thend we're looking at satellite. the skies have cleared a bit. a beautiful saw sunset. temperature wise we are dropping quick we. 33 in martinsburg. the reagan national is that 39. temperatures generally in the 30's. of an extraa bit chill. here is an up date for you. these are the areas that point to the west that maybe cap rated to a winter storm warning -- that must be upgraded to a winter storm warning.
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all of southern maryland is included in this. this is tomorrow morning into monday. we could be looking upwards of and antwo inches of snow eventual turnover to our rain. here is our initial timeline from 8:00 until 2:00. around see light snow 9:00 or so. temperatures will hover around the freezing mark. now to freezing rain. timeline. a detailed we will talk about the next seven days. we have some cold weather. >> many shoppers took advantage of the nice weather to stock up on storm supplies in case they have to do with powder -- power outages. >> last two year was the
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shopping miles. -- last unit was the shopping malls. we're trying to keep ahead. registers are busy. now.ere are people >> the storm that slammed into state like texas and arkansas. >> i would probably stay off the roads. are being thes biggest seller. >> that means big rocks and sales are selling >> everyone is a little more anxious and fearful and worried about slipping and sliding. there are a lots of hills in our neighborhood. >> hopefully it will be gone by monday morning. d.c., maryland, and virginia are gathering up. .hey will have 800
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>> you can be inside eating cookies and hot chocolate. i do not like to be out in it. will be complicated for drivers and people who are out and about. to have thegoing snow in the morning and then sleet and freezing rain. it is a weather trifecta. richard, abc 7 news. they are treating the roads today at had at the storm. the district plans to deploy more than 200 plows throughout the city tomorrow morning. officials say they will assign equipment and staff as needed. the weather has forced metro to cancel all track work tomorrow. trains will run on a normal
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schedule. it allows employees to focus on preparing additional resources for a monday morning commute which could be rough. stay here connected to abc seven and anycan get weather updates time by downloading our app or going to our facebook age. steve will have another look at the were cast and timeline in a few moments. the family of nelson mandela has released their first eight -- the firste statement in the death. his spirit lives on. you can see that today in many places. africa, a day every flesh of his plan to honor his life. on memorial will be held tuesday. as the world remembers nelson mandela, we will have extensive coverage.
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leon harris and scott thuman are traveling to johannesburg tonight. they will have live report starting on monday. solemn ceremonies took place in hawaii in arlington national cemetery to celebrate the attack pearl harbor. more than 2300 u.s. service members or killed on this surprise attack that catapulted the u.s. into world war ii. the holidays are a big driver for some veterans. somee a bit brighter for veterans. >> quickly they scattered and animate -- ornaments are to going up. >> it is lucky for us to have some excitement as the holiday season comes. the decorations are staying up until february. that is when her husband gets
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back from afghanistan. seven onis one of saturday's agenda. they held are decorating the home of veterans during the holidays. >> that is one of the things i enjoyed about this. there are different types of people that are in this divisive world for one, and goal. >> they got the special treatment. >> a nice way to wake up this morning and see all this. i cannot believe it. >> we knew they were coming. >> it has been tough. in 2009 they had a stroke. i cannot thank them enough. >> here at the home, they built a pathway so that mr. evans can get to his grill. they are putting down mulch.
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people just want to help their neighbors. >> the holiday season off to a great start. >> new details in sunday's deadly train to relman. -- derailment. the elderly americans held for we in north korea is back in the
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>> you are watching abc seven news side. >> they're looking for those who are behind a fatal shooting. officers found a man found shot to death. his name has not be release. anyone who has affirmation is asked to call police. police have identified a man murdered this morning.
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he is a south is resident. he was shot shortly after midnight. police are offering a 25,000 dollar reward for information that leads to his killer. some ups packages are not making it to their final destination this weekend because of a warehouse fire. it broke out this morning in a delivery truck inside of the warehouse in landover. no one was injured. the loss is estimated to be about $20,000. the cause is under investigation. nude tells in sunday's deadly train to relman. a emergencyed order. they have until tuesday to identify where the lines have major speed changes. the order also requires the railroad to put extra operators on line. four people were killed when the train flew off the tracks after hitting a curb at 82 miles an
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hour, nearly three times the 30 very -- 33 miles per hour speed limit. president obama says he is not naïve about the chances of getting iran to end the nuclear program. otherd the u.s. and allies must try. he addressed a forum at the kings institute today. the knowledge of creating a nuclear weapon is already out there. iran is at is -- large and relatively wealthy country. we have to take series the possibility that they are going to try to get a nuclear weapon. >> the u.s. and iran have an interim agreement to get to iran to roll back some of the nuclear programs. the 85-year-old cory and worar vet held in north korea is now back in the u.s. the u.s. embassy for helping to secure his release.
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he was the taint at the end of -- was obtained at the end of a trip to north korea. ofnext, we are keeping track the wintry mix heading our way. steve has a time ♪ i love it! ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday thet is the calm before storm. you need to bundle up if you're heading outside. at homesteadh us gardens in davidsonville road, maryland. bundled up.u are how are conditions? before thee calm storm. clear skies but chilly. we are at homestead gardens. we are bundled up. there is so much to see. that are actually some notes
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here. maddie has been helping us and showing us the ropes. one of the main attractions is the lights. over 170,000 christmas lights lying the streets. once you go inside, incredible ees.lays of model tr a lot of people getting their christmas trees and into the holidays. we have a storm chaser here. 37 degrees right now. it is cold. the temperatures will continue to drop. we are anticipating the likelihood of wintry weather. pleasantryhe snowfall chances. there is a likely chance we will see between one inches and two early tomorrow morning.
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greater accumulations are not as likely. only a 10% chance of seeing over five inches. this is going to be more of an icy situation. let's get more on the forecast. thank you. we saw one or two inches of snow. we always joke that people pertinent desperate and as if people drive with this having never seen it before. >> i would rather have one or two inches of snow than a quarter inch of ice. it points to the south and east. off to the west of us, a lot of? 's. this goes over the next 20 ford -- 24 hours. a wind chill factor of 33.
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it is all bundled up. 45 degrees for the high. or degrees below average for this time of year. temperatures are just around 35. in leesburg.g that takes us to rockville. a high today of 38. temperatures are critical. 33 and martinsburg. 32 in cumberland. we could have dropped quicker than the immediate metro. clouds are beginning to just roll in. they are offering a little bit of insulation but there is a tremendous amount of air. this is going to filter across this area for the day to tomorrow. temperatures about 15 or 18 degrees below average. area of low pressure developing to the south and west of us.
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we will see snow on the capital beltway. it may release as much as one or two inches. a lot of football games going on. we're up for a switchover. the winter storm watch was the d.c. but a newly updated winter weather advisory. we are looking for this winter weather advisory until early monday morning. south and west of us. this is overspreading the entire area. by evening a switch over to rain. one degree difference. more freezing rain. to be a wet, nasty lunch hour. what do used -- you expect
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internal -- in terms of totals? a can plummet into next week. the timeline looks like this. afternoon it will be freezing rain. chasing over to all rain. once we get the system out of fear, much colder air. temperatures will only being in the 30's. these are in town nighttime ones. >> we mentioned thousands of people will be driving to the skins game at 1:00. >> freezing rain and sleet. it'll be tough getting in and out.
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>> it'll be very interesting. people like to see snow. some high school foot wall. georgetown hom
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let's now the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. ask let's start off was in college basketball. hands fullhas their with colgate. you picked off the pass. take it all the way and finished strong. this has come to a six-point lead. it is from beyond the arc. 3119 georgetown.
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kept it close down the stretch. he gets to the rem. tight one. it welcomes them from the ivy league. less than four minutes on the shot. you will skip that. brown disappoints the americans today. the winter is looking for their sixth straight home rent tonight. milwaukee is one of the worst teams in the nba. the wins have come down that time.
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they got to swim. they come back. they're tying it on this. they go cold. do not score again. they lose at 109-105. the class one a title game is for hill. 28 yards touchdown. they are looking to add. open touchdown. got another score. a went 17-3. leads jack -- zach
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johnson by two
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>> the timeline, and a lot of questions out there. we are here to answer them for you. it should be ok inside the beltway. from west to east toward winchester and loudoun. we will see snow across the d.c. metro as early as it :00 or 9:00 tomorrow. we will continue to the new time our. this is going to be an ugly,
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ugly weather day. temperatures around 32. all rain late tomorrow night. >> we will continue to get
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welcome to world news tonight the deep freeze and the death toll mounting a trk k sliding off a bridge the rescue efforts that followed. the passengers who slept on the plane stuck in dallas. travel paralyzed and hardly over. the extreme weather team on what's coming next. under the microscope, what we learned about the police officer caught on tape, opening fire on a mother racing away in her mini van, five children inside. the letter to mom, a daughter missing for months, a mother's emotional plea, why the authsay


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